Prepurchase Counseling and Homebuyer Education

If you are a seriously seeking homeownership but are in need of guidance and financial assistance, we offer a series of classes for the individual or group. We assist you in developing your ability to procure financial assistance by helping you build or repair your credit score, provide education on how to avoid homeownership obstacles and pitfalls, assure an understanding of resources available for foreclosure prevention, show you how to create an atmosphere of financial stability during the homeownership process. Our programs also offer current financial resource referrals for the purchase ready client and teach client post-purchase basics to avoid problems after the home is secured.

To inquire call 919-934-2145, please fill out and print the attached Agency Forms, scan and fax to 919-934-6231. Please note ‘HUD Prepurchase’ in the subject line or email to

NOTE: A $12.00 fee for an individual credit report may apply for this service and a $20.00 fee for couples. Fees are waived for low income situations. For additional information concerning homebuyers contact the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency at:

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Mortgage Default Assistance and Home Foreclosure

When the uncertainties of life result in financial instability to the point of default or even foreclosure of your mortgage, we are here to offer our services. Our counselors are trained to sort through the confusion to find the most appropriate solution to your mortgage crisis.

We assist our clients in applying for loan modifications or work out options with the lender. For qualified clients, we assist in applying for financial assistance through government approved programs. We utilize valuable resources to assist in finding a solution for your unique circumstances. To start your assistance as soon as possible, fill out and print the attached forms, gather the required materials on the checklist and call 919-934-2145 for an appointment. Ask for Charlotte Spradling. To expedite your case, fax the Agency Documents to 919-934-6231 and notate ‘HUD’ in the subject line. Bring the required checklist documents with you when you arrive for your appointments.

Note: There is no fee for this assistance.

For more information please contact the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency at: for the North Carolina Foreclosure Prevention Project.

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N.C. Foreclosure Prevention Fund

N.C. Foreclosure Prevention Fund Johnston Lee Harnett Community Action participates in the N.C. Foreclosure Prevention Fund which helps North Carolina homeowners struggling to pay their mortgage due to job loss or other temporary financial hardships, such as divorce, illness or death of a co-borrower. The fund also assists returning veterans transitioning to civilian life. If you qualify, the Fund can pay up to $36,000 towards your mortgage and related expenses for up to 36 months while you search for work or complete job training. If you are re-employed but earning less so you are still struggling to pay your mortgage, the Fund may still be able to help by reducing your principal loan balance so that your monthly payments are more affordable.

To find out more about the fund go to


Reverse Mortgage Counseling

Reverse Mortgage clients are required by the Federal Government to obtain HECM counseling (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage) before starting the Reverse Mortgage process. Your lender will provide a list of HUD certified counseling agencies when you call them for your application or you may contact the agency directly. WE ARE A HUD CERTIFIED AGENCY WITH A HUD APPROVED COUNSELOR ON STAFF. You do not have to have a lender prior to counseling.

All clients seeking Reverse Mortgage counseling must go through the intake process over the phone with the counselor or intake staff and receive a packet prior to counseling. This assures that you have an opportunity to review the material prior to the counseling session. You will be scheduled an appointment at the time of intake.

To get started, please call 919-934-2145 and ask for Reverse Mortgage counseling. You will go through the intake process; an appointment will be scheduled at that time. NOTE: The standard fee for Reverse Mortgage for JLHCA is $150.00 unless we are under a HUD grant. If we are under a grant at the time of the intake application no fee will apply. Some fees may be waived per HUD guidelines for low-income applicants.

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Fair Housing

Fair housing is an important element to any housing program. We strive to offer the most current education provided by HUD for any person or family who believes they have been discriminated against. We offer counseling for any agency applicant who needs referrals to settle a Fair Housing dispute. Please call for an appointment or contact these sites for more information.